The cleverness of the red fox is because of its ability to be discreet!
When pursued, the fox constantly evaluates its discretion 
and makes strategic changes to avoid
giving itself away by its trail, its noise, or being sighted.


The white tailed deer has very sharp hearing! 
The deer carefully evaluates the sights, sounds, and smells it receives. It is the mental processes behind the deer's senses 
that make it so attentive.

Self Control

All bears are dangerous, but the black bear shows more self control
than the brown bear or the grizzly bear. The black bears shows 
more self control when its territory is invaded. It retrains
itself and avoids conflict  whenever possible. 

When winter approaches and food is scarce, the 
black bear will stop searching for food and enter 
his den for a long winter sleep. He can control
his hunger and sleep for up to seven months without
waking to eat. 

Black bears show SELF CONTROL
with their temper. They control
their anger unlike any other bear!

If the black bear can show self control, you can too!